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Some would argue with your statement

that there's nothing wrong with corporations in a free market. I would say that there's nothing wrong with businesses growing large but when you invoke the entity of a corporation, there are many things that skew the market.

Corporations were never meant to become living entities. They just existed for the short duration of one event. Over time, they have been manipulated into becoming living, breathing monsters. The banks did this so they could both remove accountability and buy their profits. This is done by mandating a board of directors (which the "lenders" always seem to maintain control of) and by monopolizing the preferred shares in. With control of the money and the 'behind closed doors' power, they can both rob every spare dime from them and compromise any ethical decision in favor of the almighty short term profit. Just take a look at that map showing the owners of the owners of the owners of all the top 4,000 multinational corporations. They're banks. Need I say more?

Privately held, locally accountable businesses are much more competitive in the market place but they don't hold the clout to survive like a corporation does. Often because the owner has principles.