Comment: I did not take that to be a credible source

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I did not take that to be a credible source

The ultimate source is from "Before its news." So I shut the thread down so as not to invoke hysteria. I do that from time to time and it is my judgement call. It is common for me to shut down threads when they devolve into bickering / flame war. I'll even delete them if they're blatantly false. I haven't had the time to investigate this one fully, but it looks like it falls into the latter category. After I get a chance to look at it, don't be surprised if it disappears completely.

Yes, there is censorship on the Daily Paul. As much as possible, I want to keep the discussion relevant and factual, not just a rumor mill.

Sorry no one ever got back to you on the support ticket. There are really just too many of them for the short staff to handle, and we prioritize based on technical issues.

Also, I've been spending most of my time this week writing thank you cards to donors to the fundraiser that looks unlikely to fill. And looking for a new job.

If you could see the stack of support tickets that comes in here, you'd understand. Trust me.

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