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Comment: Seriously not cool

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Seriously not cool

You know that is not what I am saying. You're arguing like a liberal. "Oh you like guns being legal? You must want children dead. You're a libertarian!? You pot-smoking hippy!!! Oh you want prostitution legalized? You must like young women being abused!" This accusation is completely unacceptable. You're trying to trap me. What I'm saying is plain and simple, legalize prostitution and you'll get MASSIVELY LESS YOUNG GIRLS KIDNAPPED AND FORCED INTO PROSTITUTION.

If you want to argue with that premise, fine. But insulting me and calling me a pedophile is downright unfair. Your accusation that I am ok with 12 year old girls being forced into sex slavery is in direct and utter contradiction with my ENTIRE PREMISE. I wouldn't even be here if I didn't want to see this stuff stopped.

Redact your accusation, it is uncalled for. If you had any respect for these girls you wouldn't so carelessly fling around these insults at people who are trying to help the situation. Moreover, if you actually had as much respect as I do for them, you would realize what a MASSIVELY VIOLENT INSULT it is to falsely accuse someone of abuse.

A sex crime is not a sex crime. You may want to homogenize them together, but there are differences. Pedophiles have a different incentives than normal sex junkies. Whether or not it is moral is not what I'm here to discuss. I obviously do not agree with the behavior, of forcing a 12 year old into Prostitution. I'm simply stating the fact that if prostitution were legal, it would not have happened.

Because you are stopping people like me from discussing solutions to the problem, you are part of the problem.

You accused me of some horrifying things, you were wrong. I take great offense to being called a pedophile, and I demand an apology and redaction of your blatantly false and undignified accusation.