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Democrat No More

For many years I've clung to my democratic roots for want of same sex marriage, freedom of choice, and freedom of substance use. I realized a few years ago that these are the same principles of liberty that the libertarian party agreed with at its core. I've clung to the democratic party (and looked past the fiscal issues that were always a backburner issue with me), but I can no longer do so.

I forgave the bipartisan signing of the patriot act, and like many I was abast at the events of 9/11. I disliked the president signing the NDAA, but liked the man who signed it enough to look the other way. But this?

This takes the cake. To completely trash due process? No sir.

I registered as a libertarian last election cycle (namely because Pennsylvania initiated a voter ID law I didn't agreewith on implementation, and did not wish to be harrassed at the polling place - where I live is deeply red), and I think I will keep it that way instead of changing it back.

I am not a gun fanatic, do not own one, and after Sandyhook I saw a need for gun reform. However, if the government is now reserving the right to murder its own citizens without due process, then I see no reason for anyone to give up their personal protection. It's sad that I have to say that, and abandon the party that I once held in such high respects, but it needs to be done.

I will gladly support the Libertarian party (even donated to Johnson in this past election because I liked the guy) as long as the party continues on this path of personal liberty, and does not return to the "little step brother" of the Republican party.

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