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I'm not the one making things up

"The Jewish authorities required that only Hebrew money was acceptable payment for the Temple tax. So money changers were allowed to set up tables and benches (the English word bank is derived from the word bench) for themselves in the court of the Gentiles where they exchanged not just local Roman money, but also foreign currency from distant travelers, for shekels. Along with them were peddlers who sold animals, birds and various items for worship and sacrifice.

The money changers profited greatly from the exchange rates that they charged worshipers for shekels to pay the priests, and then from the priests to convert it back into Roman money - they were "cashing in" from both ends. They also profited exorbitantly from loans that they made - with interest rates up to 300 per cent. While there is nothing wrong with capitalism, or providing a useful and convenient banking service, these particular "bankers" were greedy profiteers who cared nothing about using God's Temple, and His worshipers, as a means to get rich."

There are many sources for information about what the money changers and peddlers were doing in the Temple. This is but one of them: