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Calm down

Don't forget that Ron Paul DID win, 11 times: to the US House of Representatives. And he won being himself. When I read his original two sentences, after learning about the controversy, I just laughed because this is what I always liked about Dr. Paul, and probably what kept getting him elected in his district despite the whole Republican establishment trying to drag him down.

I have been reading all these comments, and people are reading all kinds of things into a very simple two sentence statement. Ron Paul merely made a statement AGAINST violence. Nothing more. He simply stated that violence had become so much a part of Chris Kyle's life, that it affected his judgement in a very bad way. If you omit the second sentence in Ron Paul's tweet, I could see how one might conclude Ron Paul implied Chris Kyle deserved it, but in the context of the second part the implication is more that Chris Kyle's experiences had made his judgement extremely irrational; that his numbness to the effects and risks of violence ended up causing him to get killed in a violent manner. (I confess, I have not even read Ron Paul's "clarification", because I think his succinct version makes good sense to me.)

I don't think the answer is to require liberty candidates to dumb down everything to one sentence sound bites, for the sake of accepting that it is fine for the masses to remain so extremely ignorant that they cannot read past a single sentence. Some of the responsibility has to fall on educating the masses to read past all the b.s. media spin.