Comment: Sorry if my post is a little odd this morning

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Sorry if my post is a little odd this morning

I took some muscle relaxers last night and will never take them again.

All that said, although I appreciate these post and great interviews from outstanding advocates of the 2nd amendment, there is no way that a fascist/sociopathic pedophile like Persy Whoregan is ever going to back down from his programed stance of removing more guns on the streets.

Ergo, does it really help us by continually posting the drival that exits from the corner (or butt hole) of this "coverup master"?

The more this ASSet appears on sites like the DP, the more rediculous credibility this child-sex-ring loser gets.

He is likely just like Senator Menendez who seems to like the "Newest and Youngest girls".. Transalation? He like the young underage virgins that scream in pain! A true psychopathic peadophile.