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You Really Need To....


Granger presents, consistently, as a committed GOP apparatchik; one who constantly waves the banner of the GOP, cheer-leads, recruits, promotes and attempts to motivate to rally others.

You can look to any GOP or Dem party-aparatchik who is filled with righteous-fervor for 'their' candidate or 'their' faction, e.g. the Palinites, the Santorumites, the Randites (aka 'Cult of Rand'), the Obaminites, the Christyites, the Kennedyites, the Bushites and on and on and on.

These people have a seemingly desperate need to see themselves as being a 'part' of something and inevitably, they rally around 'whatever', or more often, 'whoever' and become deluded-zealots.

If the 'whatever' is Liberty, its principles, its advancement and illustrating/educating on it, then zeal is a positive force.

Sadly, most often when wedded to 'a group' or to 'a person' the seeds of Liberty turn to 'a joining' and then to 'a compromising', then to 'rationalization & justification', then to 'sad parody', then to 'a farce', then to 'a perversion' of Liberty to suit one's 'champion', or one's 'party', or for the advancement of 'the cause' (the old mantra of ends justifying the means or for the greater good).

It is a long and very old story and a well traveled road where those who travel it are either blind to it, or willfully deceive about it.