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Here's my view..

We should not get into these alliances no matter what power it gives us over another country.. it's just wrong. I don't care who is saying it or in what manner it's being said.

As for weapons? Should we sell them to other countries? Hell I don't know.. I think no but they'd get them from somewhere else and there is the free market to consider as well.. Is it right to block US companies from making money?

Maybe maybe not.. On one hand it threatens us or could threaten us and our actions in the past show that. Every group I can think of has been helped with weapons and it has caused blowback BUT was that caused because of the guns being sold or idiotic and domineering foreign policies? I'm going to say the latter. Maybe if we didn't stick our noses into everyone's business, trying to manipulate them into following our marching orders, selling weapons for defense wouldn't be a big issue.. After all, they have the same rights to protect themselves, throw off tyrannical governments and hunt for food that we do.

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