Comment: Over the coming decades, retirement will be the least of

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Over the coming decades, retirement will be the least of

our worries. Just surviving will be an issue for most people.

It is because of the low hanging fruit principle. We have picked all the low hanging resources, and what is left is costly and difficult to acquire. We use up more and more energy each year to get back what we did the prior year, leaving less and less energy to fuel the industrial age. This means that on average, the economy will contract every year for the rest of your life. Compound growth in resource acquisition cost is a real b*tch.

The Federal Reserve scam determines who gets the output of the economy, and it makes sure that the money issuers (Commercial banks) get a big portion which some estimate is now 30% to 40% of yearly wealth creation. Higher taxes gives the government a bigger share as they want you, not themselves and their friends, to bear the pain of economic contraction. Look at where prices are advancing fastest compared to income; luxuries, higher education, advanced medical care. This is because resources, particularly energy resources, are no longer sufficient to support the industrial age as we know it, much less to drive and expanding economy.

This is why we are headed for major civil violence (revolution or civil war). As the pain and suffering intensifies and government continues to plunder and control in favor of themselves and the powerful interests who control them, the majority will react in a most unpleasant manner. The thin veneer of civilization will peel away under the pressure of survival. This will be a bad period in human history, and is not some far off future event. Each day that passes brings us closer to the trigger event. Why do you think the federal government is so interested in disarming the public while simultaneously arming themselves to deal with domestic breakdown? Why do you think the public has been weaponizing itself?

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.