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Yes, I Do

My cause is relentlessly cutting through all the accepting, compromising, empowering of the cabal, party-bullschite that some of you keep serving up.

My cause also encompasses exposing the lunacy and utter ridiculousness of continuing exactly the same things that are leading to our demise.

Until and unless people wake up to it and actually hold to basic fundamental principles, unwaveringly, there will be an inevitable slide to totalitarianism, period.

Factually, you guys will continue to ensure that no such stances ever occur in sufficient numbers to force change, and yes, I said force.

There is a world-wide globalist-collectivist cabal relentlessly manipulating and driving events. If you truly believe that you are going to infiltrate and take over the right-wing of the globalist-collectivist party and bring about change, you really need your head examined.

The Republic has been co-opted and government is no longer accountable via traditional means and institutions.

Wake up.

Things have progressed far passed such a solution and you simply do not realize it, it seems.

It will take legions of hard men with uncompromising individualist principles, ready, willing and able to shove back, by force, to halt the inevitable slide to totalitarianism we are on. You and yours are merely assuring that there will be no such awakening or any such stance, due to your 'party-driven' paradigm madness.

As I see it, of course.