Comment: Ron Paul has never been great with the dumb voters

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Ron Paul has never been great with the dumb voters

As somebody else stated in a different thread, "you wonder why they call Republican the dumb party." As a long time supporter for Dr. Paul, I have always heard comments from others stating that he really isn't terribly charismatic, that he argues too intellectually in the debates, etc. Dr. Paul's arguments have always been intellectual. The best example was when he was on stage, and he mentioned that 9/11 was blowback - and Giuliani then tried to spin it around "that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard" etc.

This type of statement is nothing out of the norm for Dr. Paul. Actually, I view his twitter commentary as extremely positive. I didn't even care to read about the Chris Kyle story until AFTER Ron Paul's created a controversy, and maybe you should just reserve judgement on whether it alienates people or not. Giuliani thought he "got" Dr. Paul in the debates on 2008, and on the contrary he was around a lot longer than Giuliani in that election cycle. One positive aspect, is perhaps people in the so-called "smart" party (as many Democrats self-proclaim) will be reminded that not everybody running as a Republican is a militaristic neocon who believes that might makes right.