Comment: I've got 6 HUGE problems with this

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I've got 6 HUGE problems with this

1 Our Government LIES to us constantly!

2 Our Government classifies so much information that "we the people" never are able to see any of these so called "facts" that prove someone is an imminent threat to our national security

3 OUR Governmet justifies all these killings on the 9/11 "terrorist" attacks in which they had prior knowledge and most likely played a leading role...and they continue to LIE about that!

4 Our Government CREATED Al-CIA-DA, they continue to provide Al-CIA-DA with money and weapons, and they continue to LIE about that!

5 Our Government is already guilty of war crimes and continues to commit more.

6 Our Government uses assassination as a part of their foreign policy have have been for decades.

And they have the gall to say that its legal for the US government to kill anyone it chooses because if its government that does the killing, that in itself makes it legal.

The people in power in this country are completely out of control. They pillage the public purse non-stop, they go around killing people all over the globe for reasons that defy explaination, and they are oppressing us here at home as if we are the enemy.