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Now you're asking the right questions

Who is WE? We are those who have an interest in seeing it work the right way and we should be in full open view of all details regarding the decision to allow or not allow someone's privacy to be invaded.

As for lobbying, yes, remove the power from congress to use force. I'm not sure how, but I would suggest the place to start might be to work toward the path of no federal government being allowed to make specific regulations. For example, Monsanto uses the FDA to gain power. What if the FDA was made of 2 food experts in each state? What if those 2 people were non-industry insiders, non-lawyers, non-politicians, signed binding ethics agreements (that held jailtime as punishment) and were mandated to publish live video of ALL work related interactions instantly? Maybe those two people would even be required to spend 20 hours per week in a public town hall (in person or online)? Sounds a bit extreme, but compared to what we have now, I think it's both cheaper and better. Might even be easy to do if the people got too fed up with the current nomination process that's turning south. I'm thinking that would end most regulatory monopolies pretty quick.