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I forgot to mention the interesting seems we are giving the weapons to them, not selling them. i.e. US tax payer funded weapons to Egypt. I don't know if they are calling it foreign aid or what, but that giving was definitely part of the know, in the name of national security.

"Instability in Egypt, where a newly-elected Islamic government teeters over an angry population, isn't enough to stop the U.S. from sending more than 20 F-16 fighter jets, as part of a $1 billion foreign aid package." (not that I am a fox newser, but I was trying to find some validation to what I thought I heard.)

Oh here this is better, it is a link in the article:

I guess this is what the military industrial complex is all about. Tax the public and then send the tax money to contractors and then send the product of the contract to a foreign government then again, the fed just prints the money anyway, I wonder why we even need to pay taxes?

Taxes...the next chore on my horizon.