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1. My mother paid into Social Security all her life, and so did my Dad. She has earned the return.

2. Children cannot possibly take care of their parents nowadays, when the cost of living is so damn high that they are up to their eyeballs in debt right from the age of College onward. Housing is totally unaffordable in most regions of the Country (especially where the jobs are), College is totally unaffordable, and Health Care is unaffordable. The Children of parents today cannot even properly take care of their own children, much less take care of their parents as well. This has become financially impossible.

3. I also have paid into Social Security all my damn life. Wall Street freaks like you have no right to confiscate it and deny me the benefit that I have paid for and earned all my life.

4. There is no more savings in this Country anymore. You can't put your money in the Wall Street casino without risking that you will lose it all. There is no Bank Savings anymore. The thought of people surviving without Social Security is a fictional fantasy for most people. This is laughable nonsense. It is insufficient as it is.

The only thing that getting rid of Social Security will do is create an epidemic of MASS POVERTY in this Country. And the Wall-Street scum actually want to see that happen.