Comment: Gonna go out on a limb here

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Gonna go out on a limb here

and predict that those starting employment in the next 5 years will be able to retire around age 30. Not all of them but a growing amount. Over the following decade or two, the rest will adopt this trend.

How? Because people WILL have gotten rid of all the robbery the banks impose on every single sector of society. As a result, true power will return to those with productive means. Not sure how or when but it's almost a certainty somehow. People are waking up daily and the collective intelligence online is growing exponentially-squared. All it will take is that one person who knows how to get the right message to go viral and it will happen.

Shutting down this robbery will leave people wondering why we ever had bankers or any other 'money' related jobs at all. Can't wait to celebrate the day the stock market gets shut down by the crowd-funders.