Comment: The Majority of so-call Christian Conservatives,

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The Majority of so-call Christian Conservatives,

don't worship Christ, they worship Israel-first, War on Muslims-second, and maybe Christ third. They are more closely comparable to Judaism, than anything, as the Old Testement promotes war, however, nowhere does it promote Israel. Well I'm sorry there are many Apostate revisions that now have Israel entered in them. Sorry, to say, but these so-called Zionist Christian follwers are going to face the same Judgement, or possibly even worse than a non-believer, as they are warned by Christ many times to beware of the deceivers. And, where these foolish people believe the 'rapture' will occur, is where Christ tells of their 'departure' away from Him, not with him.

There is a new documentary, 'The Truth Left Behind' by Pastor Steven Anderson, who explains these apostate teachings. Here, is an interview on Infowars nightly news with Anderson, and brief peeks at his film. For those AJ haters, he only gives a brief introduction, the interview is done by another guy, who's name I can't remember, but does a good job.

The there is the excellent documentary by Charles Carlson, of We Hold These Truths and Strait Gate Ministries, who was a former Christian Zionist, who explains the deception used in the Apostate Scofield Bible, which is used to support Israel and the war on the Muslims. He does fail to mention that Scofield's organizer of the fraudulent book, Sam Untermeyer, was the same person who wrote the laws for the Feds creation, aka the Rothschild connection.