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1. Your mother, nor your

1. Your mother, nor your father, have earned anything. They have been swindled, and robbed by the government. Do you propose that the fraud continue; that others are swindled so your parents can be cut their share of the loot?

2. Children will have to look after their parents; there is no other way. The government has no money, and the money the fed prints is losing value fast. Yes, I am talking about hard times, but hard times are now unavoidable. PS: Using the term "money" very loosely here.

3. I am not going to confiscate your money, because your money doesn't exist. Get this through your head; social security is bankrupt, your money is GONE, and has been gone for a long, long time. What you propose is to confiscate MY money.

4. The problem of no one having savings is largely a matter of what they are saving. Fiat dollars don't hold their value, and so people have to spend more of them to buy what they bought the year before.

The problems we will face in the future are twofold: On one side we will have those who have paid into social security and refuse to accept their losses, and on the other side we will have their children, disgruntled at the idea that they have to look after their parents. Both sides will have to swallow the bitter pill, and come to accept their predicament.

Let me make this clear to you, LibertyBaby; you'd better sing the praises of he who cares for his parents in their old age. You will require your own children to look after you.