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I respect you for asking and making the attempt to understand.

Loyalty oath was no fun, but it may work for us in the future, and we may get rid of it, though, if it works for Liberty, then that would be to our advantage.

To me, Ron Paul is the foundation, and he takes a learning curve. Rand Paul is how we apply Ron Paul to make it WORK in the GOP, so he too is a big learning curve, because not only does one have to understand what Ron Paul is saying.. but how we apply it so we can turn the GOP ship to a Liberty ship. And it is working, and why I support him.

I'm sure, there is going to come the time when I do not agree with Rand Paul.. and I will defiantely make that a top post and expect another mass of negative votes and being called a hypocrite.. but this is all part if how the politcal machine operates, and why to me, if you are not strong, politics is definately not something someone should get into. Hurts too much. You have to grow a thick skin, warts too.

((((((((((((deacon))))))))))) Thank YOU!!