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YouTube has become MSM propeganda

I don't know or care about Swann or The Judge.

I didn't agree with Ron Paul 100% when I supported him in 07/08 and resnted the fact he would not run Indy or third party and forced me to join the GOP if I wanted to have him win the nomination because he insisted in remaining in the GOP. He is still in the GOP.

Rand takes a learning curve and I am learning from Rand, and no I have no disagreement with him and the minute I do, DP will be the first to learn so I can collect the downvotes and shouts that I am a hypocrite.

Rand Paul is for those in the GOP that want to materialize Ron Paul's message and understand we are not the majority.

People without parties are slaves with no voice or choice.

The system can only be changed from within or by a civil war, which the UN would win.

You are not the future.. Rand Paul and the supporters like me are. You are not trying to undermine, you are actively doing your best.

I see no enemies.. only debate.