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Good question I ask that same question myself some time back

How many people constitute a "critical mass of humanity," and is this more or less than the numbers needed to win a Republican primary?

Well first because everything around me ended up to be a lie, liar history, liar media, liar government etc.. to find truth I like alot of evidence, I find the best truth in nature.

Contrary to the belief that a leader changes the direction of the masses as promoted by the Rothschld mafia. In nature when you look at a flock of birds or a school of fish or a herd of horses.
at first one thinks that in the front of the formation is a leader who makes decissions about changing direction and everyone just follows. BUT when you slow down the camera and start to count the numbers you may note that a change of direction occures when a critical mass of about 5 per cent and not always a formation from the front leaders change directon then the rest of the group follow.

So I rationalize humanity as well will see a world wide change when about 5% adapt Ron Paul's type of liberty. So if you want to say about 7 billion humans and about 350 million critical mass or about the size of the population of the area called United States.

When I gage from the responses I recieved ten or twenty years ago to this message and to how many people understand part or most all of the picture now that we are close to a critical mass and off grid solutions will be the hottest human issue in the next ten years.