Comment: A raffle is a great idea

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A raffle is a great idea

Quiltingsando used to make quilts, guiltillows (a quilt with a pillow) and she made a Liberty Tree, that became a flag and shoes, tees, and cups, and she sold them on Cafe press to help DP.

I think it would be great if there were folks to do more of this kind of thing.

I have some dehydrated prince mushrooms, a rare and wonderful mushroom.. but I fear that mushrooms and food would not be EPA/FDA approved. hmmm.

I have some ice carving tools.. one of my chisels cost me $350.00 I could sell the set for $500, which would be a hell of a deal and donate the money to DP.

Maybe there could be an auction for things?

I'm preparing to go to my CAGOP convention and this is costing me $550.00 just for the room... I really need to start fundraising for my GOP political future. You may know I gave DP $100 in Nov, and $76 for the chip in. I asked to not have Pro statis.. If I can get my GOP convention covered.. I'll up my DP donation $64.00 and make it an even $240.00. But right now.. I have a number of business expenses to cover. Also my Church is needing moeny.. I belong to several good charities and they too are asking for donations..

Being a chef, it's kinda hard for me to make something to sell and distribute legally over state lines. I'll think harder about it.

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Abundant blessings my friend.