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Comment: Don't be saddened

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Don't be saddened

Read it!

What will be shocking to you is how close America today adheres to the ideals of that Manifesto.

Armed with that knowledge, you can then engage any aspiring "communists" you meet in a debate. Tell them America is already mostly communist. Tell them about corporate welfare - ask them if they like that too. Isn't corporate welfare communism?

Don't just be defeated. Be happy that you can read that information for free. Arm yourself with that knowledge and let people know what is wrong with it.

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Also, it is incredible to see the vast numbers of classics available for free to read on the Kindle. Thanks for pointing that out.

Kindles are cheap these days - just $69 for the cheapest one. But you don't even need to buy one - as you said, you can use a free app on your cellphone, or even on your laptop or PC.

Again, don't just get disappointed & lay down. Arm yourself with knowledge. This is the promise of the networked digital society that we live in. Alex Jones is right when he says it is an info war. And everyone here is in it. We're all soldiers in the information war. Don't let others become casualties.