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In all of your posts to this thread

you have NEVER ONCE managed to characterize any post of mine, or position that I take, correctly. Anybody that listens to you with your record deserves to lose their ass (too).

I never told anybody to short anything. I never said silver could not re-test it's all-time high. In the last 6 months of the blowoff, I warned that we were in a blowoff and that the party would be over soon. If I ever said "I can't believe this", and I don't think I did (I looked for it one time and the closest thing I found was that I said "This is absurd"), but IF I DID, then it was not in any context of being unprepared, but being aghast at how stupid and reckless the bulls were being. It doesn't mean I'm not happy to accept their money.

And unlike you, the only time frame I have given for my expectations to unfold was a minimum of 6 months and more likely several years. We are almost two years into the decline and probably not even halfway through it, but things are looking good (for the bears). You certainly can't credibly argue that I have been wrong.

Now you on the other hand, have beed DEAD WRONG, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!