Comment: Ron Paul is NOT a bonehead

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Ron Paul is NOT a bonehead

When I read the news about the tragic death of Chris Kyle, one of my first thoughts was how ironic that he died in a similar way to all of those he shot. My prayers go out to his family, which I am sure he loved, but killing another human being (for whatever reason) brings unforseen spiritual consequences for that action. There is much Scripture supporting these claims. I guess, along with Dr. Paul, this makes me "politically incorrect, although it is the Truth. I doubt that any of the men shot by sniper-fire ever have an opportunity to face their accusers of their "crimes". When we as a nation reduce the killing of human beings akin to killing animals, we can expect judgement from Almighty God to follow. It is sad to ponder, but I would bet that these Conservative Christians would express more outrage if snipers were killing cats or dogs. God help us!!

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"