Comment: Why We Fight

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Why We Fight

America fights because we believe we can bring about justice and prosperity, at home and abroad, by brute FORCE rather than by Reason and example. Initiating FORCE to do "good" is, ironically, the source of the evil we fight. America, and the world, is mired in the belief that good intentions are enough to justify invading countries and killing any who oppose them. How tragic can that be? Research America's good intentions in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Drug War, etc., and you will find millions dead and devastation beyond belief. Good Intentions coupled with a destructive force growing by leaps and bounds and you have the present day disasters. The founding principle of the Libertarian Party is: No individual or group of individuals may initiate FORCE to achieve personal or political goals.
Our goal should be to bring about justice and prosperity by Reason and Example rather than by brute FORCE.
Private and Political Force can only be used to protect and defend Individual Liberty against those who initiate Force for what ever "good intentions" they irrationally hold.