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Comment: "like all Americans who don

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"like all Americans who don

"like all Americans who don the uniform to defend our country"

I always hate pointing this out. Rarely does anyone join the military "to defend our country" or for patriotic reasons. I've asked many people why they are joining, or why they joined, over the years.

The reasons are always...

- They have a family with no means to support them
- They have child support with no way to pay it
- They are unable to find a good job in the private sector
- They wanted to take advantage of the GI Bill for college money
- They were going to end up homeless and had no other good options
- To be able to shop on base and for other benefits such as health care (common answer from those in the reserves).

NEVER have I ever had anyone, in response to my asking "Why did you join?", say "Because I love this country," "To defend our country," "Because I'm patriotic," etc, etc.

It sounds good in a tweet from a politician, but it's not the truth.