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I am elected to my GOP committee and the elected trasurer with a vote for the CAGOP.

Raimondo is BELIEVED to be a LIBERTARIAN because he has been the editor of Brandon's Institute's

I was called out by an officer on the committee for being a Libertarian.. I was a Libertarian from 1976 - 1992 and went Indy in 1993 to 2011, when I joined the GOP, and attended county GOP meetings to become a delegate for Ron paul, which I was, though Romney won CA, so I did not go to Tampa.

I fully intend to go to the CAGOP Spring convention, and got word that Raimonda was going to be a speaker at the Republican Liberty Caucus. This concerns me, as the last thing I need is for someone to say.. "You see, she's a Libertarian supporting LIBERTARIANS at the CA GOP convention.

So, I want to be clear about Raimondo because I am very active in my GOP and facing conflict for my Libertarian past, as the GOP demands loyalty.

Yes, we are making great inroads and I have no intention of blowing it unintentioanally. I would rather go to a forum and debate Rove than cheer Raimondo just because he's there for the RLC which is not loyal to the GOP.