Comment: Humans don't need carbohydrates -- AT ALL!

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Humans don't need carbohydrates -- AT ALL!

Every carb, regardless of type (whether broccoli or ice cream), breaks down into sugar, which is glucose in the blood stream, which is generally bad for human health.

All the stuff you read about vitamins and minerals in plant foods is basically bullsh@t.

And the reason for that is they leave out the single most important variable: bioavailability.

While it is true that spinach, for example, has a higher iron content than beef, you would still need to eat 10 cups of spinach to absorb the same amount of iron into your body as if you ate just 3 ounces of beef.

ALL plant foods have VERY POOR bioavailability for humans. Another example is soy. Yes, soy is higher in protein than most other plant foods, BUT ... the human body absorbs less than 5% of that protein, while the human body absorbs over 90% of the protein in beef.

Beef is the single most important thing to eat for humans. It is how humans evolved, it is what built the huge human brain, and its nutrients are among the highest in terms of bioavailability for humans.

Try this experiment (if you are not taking any medications): just eat ONLY meat for 2 days. NOTHING else. What I mean by that is no plant foods, and no packaged foods. You can eat beef, fish, chicken (yes, the skin), etc.

ONLY drink water. Just meat and water (with beef and water only being ideal). Do it for just 2 days. Then come back and tell me you didn't notice an amazing increase in energy, feeling great, and looking great.

But for anyone on medications, don't do this if your medications have to do with things such as diabetes or blood pressure. The reason for this is that those medications MASK the symptoms rather than cure the problem.

For example, high blood pressure medication will artificially lower blood pressure. When carbs are removed from the diet COMPLETELY (not "low carb," but I'm talking here about "NO carb"), then your blood pressure will normalize. If you continue taking medication that artificially lowers blood pressure, then you will have low blood pressure, which is life threatening.

So, if you are on medications, make sure you know if you should end them if you try this. But for everyone else, try it for TWO DAYS and tell me you didn't notice a real, SIGNIFICANT, improvement.