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i think i do get it. my opinion is you would get much more resistance to this than you are seeing with the recent gun legislation. Self Defense is critical, but so is eating. Too many old people (me included and i am not old) would see this as a risk to being able to eat in old age. i think there would be major resistance. and, they don't have to steal your money anyway. They can just print it and get your money via inflation b/c 90% of the folks wont know how to protect themselves.

So, instead of suggesting that folks take the tax hit and penalty on their life savings (and in some case those taxes and penalties could be as high as 50%) lets talk about some suggestions.

Since you seem like a smart guy and perhaps this line of debate will be helpful for others- what can you tell me about self directed IRAs? They can be used for assets like real estate and bullion. Are you familiar with these? if so, do you know anything about the LLC tied to these? I am trying to learn and I think the sovereign man writes about these often. I would like to understand what they are, the advantages, and risks associated with them. From what i understand some self directed IRAs will also store your bullion in places like Hong Kong. This seems to me a prudent step to protect IRAs from the risk the OP describes.

thanks for any info.