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20 to 30 miles from the nearest neighbor

would be my minimum. (preferably with no road to it) I have a spot that's 80 miles from the nearest village and can only be reached by float plane during spring and summer or snow machine/ski plane during the winter.

In a SHTF situation, you want to be forgotten. If people know where you are or could travel down your road, you could be just as vulnerable as living in a city. getting just far enough to where there are fewer people in a somewhat secluded location where there will be less witnesses, is also an issue.

Keep in mind as well that people will begin to hunt and trap more to get food, which will deplete resources in the area as well and they may run up on your place during that.

So IF you can.. I would suggest buying something as far from anyone as possible for a backup. Land is cheaper like that anyway. I chose Alaska because it's brutally cold because I knew people would be less likely to move there.

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