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Comment: Ok lets talk about reject and how that works

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Ok lets talk about reject and how that works

Stop paying taxes. Now enlightened disengagement means you disengage in a smart way. Prison will not help you, your family and any others who you could have helped if you were free.

Enlightened means you set a new goal in terms of money. Instead of making it your life ambition to gain as much Rothschild mafia false compounding national debt money you set a new goal.

Need as little to no slave curency as possible. Like climbing a mountian or any other goal you can set you work to it one step at a time until you get there. Grow a garden research and start using off grid solutions. Walk or use a bike. Work for yourself. Try to over produce and share with those around you. So if you earn less than the amount the extortionists and theives are interested in stealing, you reject them without having to get into groups or get violent or be put in front of a judge or face prison.

A slave finds freedom to be of great fear at first but in the end its a individual decission and an individual responsibility. What kind of legacy do you wish to pass along after you are gone.