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With all due respect,

I did not give consent or acquiesces to your government. I happened to pop out of my mama's womb between two arbitrary lines, drawn by your tax farmer, that just so happens to put me in the same 'nation' as you. I hate the wars you and your government are fighting. I do my best to not participate. I do not want to go to jail and I have to eat so I minimize my exposure the best I can.

As for your bible, please do not include me in that either. Again, I happened to be born to a family that went to church. As soon as I was permitted to not go, I didn't. Your truth is not a universal truth and, again, does not include me. Why do you need all 300,000,000 people that happened to physically be between those imaginary lines to agree on everything? There is a 99.999% chance I will never even meet you. Why do you have to push your beliefs in an ancient illiterate barbaric superstitious cavemen text on those around you? I am certain I will never meet you.