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Name one please.

How do I support the MIC? Maybe I will meet you. Perhaps I am naive, so? Okay, one way I support MIC. I told you I have totally minimized my consumption so as to not monetarily pay for the murders.

If we meet we can come to a consensus, about something, okay?

I do not mean to be harsh but I am so sick of the media, after the Sandy Hook tragedy, try to make me and the other 300 million inhabitants of this big tract of land come to a consensus about not having guns! I hate guns. But the last thing I want is for 'your' (sorry) government to have a monopoly on weapons. I have never been to Newtown. I will probably never go to Newtown. But for some weird reason the media wants me to either concede or acquiesces on what the folks living in the ginormous geographic area are going to do with or without guns. RRrrrrr, it infuriates me. Which is why I hate that for some reason I have to agree with and or support the murderers in Washington, or for that matter, anyone that I have never even met, living even up to 3300 miles away from me.