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Comment: While I agree...

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While I agree...

with exposing the US's role in both the planning and logistical support of the "arab springs" which has involved a continuation of the historical partnership between US military and intelligence and extreme islamist groups such as the muslim brotherhood and al qaeda (we created al qaeda and have had a close working relationship with the muslim brotherhood going to back to Eisenhower), singularly attacking Hillary, especially in such a partisan-appearing manner, only serves to obfuscate the true nature of the base that has been supporting such activities.

It is not a Democrat vs Republican issue. The arab spring planning began in the US State Dept, in coordination with many US corporations including Google and Facebook, back during the Bush Jr. administration. Even Glenn Beck has pointed this out.

The folks at Fox News openly voiced their preference for Hillary over McCain for a reason. Hillary, and most of the prominent Democrats are unapologetic zionists and have very few real qualms with the neocons major foreign policy goals of controlling the world's resources, especially in the mideast and central asia, and the goals of regime-change in Russia and China. Any disputes they have are just an internal family squabble.

The planning and ongoing logistical support of the arab springs is a great evil, but it ain't just Hillary and some democrats doing it. And neither Rand nor Raimondo are pointing this out. At least not yet.

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