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Intersting thought but here is another scenario

How will we restore the republic? We should start thinking of various scenarios.

- economic/ dollar collapse and hyperinflation force Obama of whoever is incumbent out of office. We demand congress hold the threat of impeachment over the new president on the following conditions...

- arrest of worst of the worst banksters, AIG head, Goldman Sachs, for malfeasance in performance of fiduciary duty during the bailout crisis. Iceland has set the example and their economy is growing faster than EU. Start rolling them up and abolish the fractional reserve system (goes without saying money printing will revert back to US, not the Fed.)

- Arrest Cheney, Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Rudy Giuliani, and Dov Zakeim for suspicion of complicity in 9/11. Failure to protect the airspace, destruction of evidence, misaccounting of $2.3 trillion. Start the ball rolling with the easy to prove cases and work up to Bush, who will probably flee for Uruguay.

- Once the 9/11 perps are in custody you've probably got the Sandy Hook perps too, if it turns out to be a false flag. Different names, same circle of operatives.

- Cut deals with these people to name who the real controllers are. Kissinger? Rockefeller? Pierce the veil.

- Make it clear to congress that if they do not comply, don't bother coming back to the district. We'll be camped out on their lawns 24/7.

They think police and military will clear us out but they've got a surprised. Oath Keepers has done it's work well and TPTB don't know who they can rely on. If shooting begins we will go straight for congress and make citizens arrests. Many military units will be there to help us.

Release the Sandy Hook video.