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End the FED

The FED is ending as a power to purchase.

Hedging, or insurance, as investment, or employing earned power into securing earned power, or employing earned power into producing more power out of less power, are all things done in Liberty, since no one, in those actions, are deceiving, threatening, or employing violence upon the innocent during those hedges, insuring, investment power uses.

Since The FED is ending as a power to purchase there is in that sense a future whereby the FED is no longer a power to purchase.

What, if anything, will replace the FED as a power to purchase?

Why ask?

Why ask me?

Why not ask someone who knows better?

I have a competitive answer, to offer.

If a new Chinese based World Reserve Currency Power replaces The FED as The World Reserve Currency Power, then those people in Virginia, or Utah, or in any State on the Planet, may be thinking far enough ahead to hedge, insure, invest, and employ the power they still have in the work required to replace The FED with something better, instead of something worse, and as we all know, or at least I know, the people running Legal Crime at the False Federal Level are selling us out to the Chinese so anyone with half a brain knows that those criminals running Legal Crime at the False Federal Level cannot be counted on to help us when World War III follows through and the Chinese win, and then the Chinese gain that Fraud and Extortion Legal Crime known as World Reserve Currency POWER.

So you won't hear anyone else speak with accurate words as I do, but the facts are what they are, and so anyone looking can see the facts, and it really doesn't matter to the victims if you call the process being perpetrated on the victims by false names such as "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques", "Extraordinary Rendition", or "Quantitative Easing".

Russia was sold out, that was a well recorded event, many writers, many witnesses, many well reported experiences, and that is what is happening here in America, the leadership (not the false leadership) is selling us out just like the leadership (not the false leadership) sold out Russia.

America may be sold out without World War III progressing into new lows of extreme destruction, making World War II look like the Rose Parade, but that is the direction currently being traveled.

Virginia, Utah, and other State employees, may veto the World War III movement, and this is what this competition does in fact.

This is competition in competition with Legal Fraud and Legal Extortion that is, in fact, The FED, or The IRS, or Wall Street, or The Dollar Hegemony, or whatever word accurately accounts for those most powerful among the human species who are pulling the strings.

This Gold backed currency move, in Virginia, and in Utah, and other States, will force The FED to either rapidly increase World War III, or go out of business for lack of funds.

That is great news, and it should be news that The President announces personally, so as to keep the citizens well informed as to just how bad things are in these United States, and, offer a ray of hope.