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You do not know me

I spend twenty two years as a financial planner retirement planner and you boldly make such a statement. By any test I have a very very good understanding of money from many angles. When I lay it out for you in language a child could understand you come back with a huge pile of worthless bs. End of transmition. How did you put it. Do Not bother to respond. you spout what you dont have a clue about while you claim I dont understand. Makes me laugh.

You say I dont understand then you say we need to end the fed by makeing competing crooks. BUT BUT you do not tell us exactly how to do that. Past evidence shows what happens when a new gang trys to set up criminal competition. Libya Kadafi was the most recent example. So exactly how are you going to set up this competing curency and what steps have you taken so far and how has this success worked out for you so far? But you say im a bad influence on the youth in your judgment which has proven to be very flawed so far.