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Comment: I just checked the comments posted under the article

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I just checked the comments posted under the article

I very rarely browse to any MSM sights so I don't know if this is extra ordinary or not but there are over 3600 comments posted under the article when I just looked at it again. I only read about 20 and all but a couple had only negitive things to say.

Its SO easy to pick out the shills and the sheeple who created posts. Its also funny that none of the comments I read said anything about all the evidence that proves we were lied to about 9/11 and that our government created Al-cia-da. I'm pretty sure those comments are getting censored.

It boggles the mind to think we are having to deal with something as tyrannical as Extra Judicial killing of US citizens AND we are told its necessary because we were attacked on 9/11.

3/4ths of the American people now know that 9/11 was not an accident and it was not islamic "terrorists" that pulled this off by themselves with box cutters. For our government to keep insisting the official story is true while refusing to release vital documents and videos that would remove all doubt does nothing but prove they have A LOT to hide. They know good and well that most Americans have educated themselves about 9/ll and we know the official story is a pack of lies. The very idea of our government legalizing the murder of US citizens when there is more than enough proof to convict the last two presidents of treason and are guilty of international war crimes is just stunning.

They don't even try to hide their criminal activities anymore. Its a sad state of affairs but times they are a changin. More people are waking up each day and the elites know it as this report from the World Economic Forum indicates. Yep, they know they are becoming vulnerable.
"The Vulnerability of Elites – 2013"