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...I reject your use of 'hard-core' and 'soft-core' in this way. You will find Christians who are 'hard-core' for a deep, Scriptural relationship with Christ through the gospel, regardless of what secondary view they hold on the ultimate nature and working out of God's justice and love. The creeds of the early church did not even address views on the subject -- it was and is a 'gray' area. The core gospel of our 'old man' of sin being spiritually crucified and buried with Christ and our 'new man' being raised in Him is what should be looked at. Differences beyond that are less important.

'Soft-core' would be more apathetic and lukewarm, indifferent, just claiming the faith as a label or a tradition or ritual that doesn't really mean much beyond that.

From my particular perspective, Scripture is clear that God is love and has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, and therefore that neither should we.