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Comment: I think you misunderstand

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I think you misunderstand

Ok so here's your original comment about corporations being mandated to operate on short term profit only:

"The banks have gotten laws passed that MANDATE a corporation to operated based on short term profit ONLY."

To which I said:
"I have never heard of laws that mandate a corporation to operate based on short term profit only (you'd have to prove that to me) but at any rate that obviously is not operating in a free market."

To which you replied:
"In reply to the legal mandate of short term profit, I refer you to the "Benefit Corporation" description in Wiki."

So it seems you are trying to make the case that a Benefit Corporation mandates that the business be operated solely to maximize short term profit. How you derive at this conclusion, I have no clue whatsoever. None of what you posted gives any evidence to come to that conclusion. A Benefit Company actually is mandating that you DON'T operate solely on the basis of profit and that you take into consideration how your "decisions affect employees, community, and the environment."

From your comment:
"Benefit Corporations must create a material positive impact on society, and consider how their decisions affect their employees, community, and the environment."
"The goal is to give companies legal protection to take certain steps that benefit their non-financial objectives, even if it’s not so good for the bottom line. And for shareholders, it ensures that companies won’t drift from their non money-making mission."

Do you get it now?

It's all irrelevant to my argument anyway as these are not examples of free market corporations or free market failure.