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Comment: Unhelpful Politically? NowOrNever

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Unhelpful Politically? NowOrNever

If the last 4 election cycles haven't exposed the utter futility of voting...I'm not sure what to tell you. The system is totally and completely corrupt. What it has reveiled to most people is that the entire premise of giving sanction to a system in which a very small group gets to rule over the masses is not freedom, its slavery.

If our votes even mattered, what we should be voting for is to be free and to allow no one to be superior to us. No one should create rules for us that we are forced to comply with especially when the rule makers themsevles can ignore with impunity.

The road to truly being free starts when you realize that we do not need a parasitical body politic that is given a legal monopoly on violence and the legal authority to steal from the citizens.

I will never vote for anyone to be my slave master again. I'm a free American...and free people do not participate in selecting someone to tell them what to do and give them permission to steal their money.