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Comment: Willing and able...

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Willing and able... allow Liberty/free will AND to reconcile ALL evil that may come as a result.

It's not either God's will or human will -- it is both. And that is one area where I believe the universalist outlook has an edge: it allows human will to asymptotically approach God's will, as you take the limit as time goes to infinity. All the prodigals will eventually come home, just as coins with superglue on one side will eventually all stick as you shake the shoebox that contains them. Evil will be defeated YET human Liberty will be preserved.

The traditional view truncates that process, and sees either God as not truly willing everyone to be reconciled (Calvinism), or as having his will mostly frustrated due to human free will (Arminians) and there always being a pocket of contained evil somewhere.

I say, no: evil will be eradicated AND free will is preserved.

Hey, this kind of goes with your username: Liberty_First! :) (and I would say concurrent with the wills of both God and humanity.)