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Comment: So I was briefly talking to an Argentinian professor today

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So I was briefly talking to an Argentinian professor today

And I said "so Argentina is really screwed right now, huh?"

Her eyes lit up and said "oh no what is happening now?"

I started telling her about the price freeze, and another guy interrupted me and starts rambling about some team losing and player so and so. Then he goes "Oh I thought you were talking about soccer" and kept rambling.


It's pretty hard to get into a meaningful discussion because time is limited and there is about 15 students per instructor who constantly need help with crap, but I finally got some information out of her...

I didn't know her political beliefs so I treaded lightly, but as soon as I mentioned the price freeze my Profesora get excitedly pissed and starting talking about inflation and the president. Another guy asked about the Argentinian president, and I said "she's basically a communist doing blah blah blah" and she interrupted me and told him, in an extremely derogatory tone towards Kirchner that "SHE IS A COMMUNIST."

Then she gave everyone around me a lecture about how the government is screwing over the people with food inflation and how her mother has to wait in line for almost an entire day to cash her check at the bank and how her sister can't even afford anymore and how they are trying to move to America to escape it.

I didn't have to say a word. I just sat there enjoying every second of it. The little victories in life.