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Comment: I have two perspectives on this

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I have two perspectives on this

First, let me wear my conspiracy theorist hat (obviously made of tin foil), and say that I think you are reaching a bit in this siutation but I commend your awareness of the fact that signs, numbers, actions and words are used in negative ways to influence people and push an agenda.

Now, let me put on my spiritual hat, and ask you one simple question: do you think all individuals 'lust after sin' or only some? I believe Christ taught that the heart of man is dark and evil - every individual lusts after something, every individual sins - that's why Christ came.

If anyone could fully resist sin by their own effort and power then Christ would not have needed to come to save us.

So if the point of this video is to point out how 'sinful' culture or America or individuals are/can be, I say that picking out 'Satanic' dance moves in a video is one of the least convincing examples you could show - try child sex slavery, human trafficing, murder, greed, abortion or any other terrible thing that happens on a daily basis in this world.

That's all I've got.

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."