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Before I'm done...

You're splitting hairs. After this, I'm done defending myself against your strawman arguments. You're like a journalist in mainstream media twisting everything the way you want it to sound. Besides if you want to split hairs, "The States could then make those federal Eagle coins legal tender." THEN MAKE? But the states already have that power! But gold/gold eagle is already legal tender! Stop being ridiculous dude.

Secondly, read up. I'm currently reading an extensive summarization of Pieces of Eight by Dr. Edwin Vieira called "The US Constitution and Money: Corruption and Decline" by Michael Rozeff. It's free...check it out. There's a huge difference between coining and printing money. Coining deals with metals. Printing means paper. They are completely different. Congress has one power and not the other.

Oh! Speaking of the says nothing of "printing" as a legal form of money creation. In fact, there was a distinct differentiation between printing (aka emitting bills of credit) and coining, which the constitution prohibited states from doing both and it only gave congress the power to COIN. Not print. There's a big difference. Article 1 Section 8 is a list of specific things congress can do and section 10 is a specific list of what States cant do. Notice, that bills of credit cant be issued by states and also is not listed as a power of congress. You are wrong again.

Ps...a free people can exchange whatever currency they want. The state must accept silver and gold in payments of debt. That's all. And if worse comes to worse, a creditor has to accept gold and silver in payment of debt, unless a contractual arrangement/agreement was made otherwise. This was not regulated.

And shoot...since you're in the business of splitting hairs, you still retain that power yourself! Just like you tried to call me out for not saying "they have always had that power." And just like you failed to say States already can legally accept gold and silver coin. Just like you forgot to say, gold has always been legal have always had the right to freely exchange what you please as an exhange of goods for goods (gold, salt, a cow for refigerator if you want) or goods for services (gold, silver, or a favorite tool for roof patch up job). You can choose your own medium of exchange as long as the other person will take it.

So are you done splitting hairs? Knowing you so far, I doubt it.