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Comment: This is terribly flawed

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This is terribly flawed

First, many men and women are in the military because they have no choice, that is, if they want a job and earn a living. I've seen it my entire life. Even my Dad said he joined to get off the reservation where there was no work.

This is true where I live today. There is no work. There is no college. There is no opportunity or alternative for the majority of young people here.

As has been pointed out to me, today's military is not my Father's, yet, my father and uncle fought for decades in and over Nam. Their youngest brother, my uncle, came home and shot himself. My uncle who survived, highly decorated Green Beret, who returned to Nam for decades seeking MIAs, with stories of bombing villages, friendly fire, POWs, and the horrors of that war.

My father was a three war vet, and also highly decorated (many native Americans join the service to get off the reservation and we knew many). My father died from complications from contacting Agent Orange. I never knew him until I was a teenager and he became a base commander.

I saw plenty of kids come and go into the military. Some had made deals to escape petty crimes. Some came to get a GI bill. Some came and loved the order, and some hated it.

Troops are people, human beings, many who fall in love, want to raise a family, and don't know how to do that from where they were born and raised. I would say, the majority of people I've known, had they a choice, a real choice, where they could get a job that paid the rent so to speak, would have never joined the military. They would have rather gotten a job and lived happily ever after.

Instead, they join and make the best of it, which is not always easy. Matter of fact, in some cases, it's hell on Earth, but it's the best they can do because they really don't have any opportunity where they are from. I believe this is true for most troops in most nations, including Israel.

They don't want to "live by the sword".. they are given training, and a duty, and they do that or suffer consequences, and I've seen the brigg full of troops who did dumb stuff.. kid stuff.. let's face it, most are kids.. old enough to serve but not old enough to buy a beer on a hot day in the shade.

So I think it is insensitive and cruel to empoly a quote from the Bible and apply it to people who actually had no real choice, but become a bum on the street.. or deal drugs.. or prostitute, or lead a life of theft and pergury, to not serve. Or spend your youth in prison, where we have millions of young people.

To me, "to live by the sword" does not apply to the military, as many never have a sword, only a video game, and they do what they are commanded to do. Living by the sword applies to those who employ FORCE as a choice, not a command.