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Comment: I "like" to believe that our future is formed with the

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I "like" to believe that our future is formed with the

choices we have made and not believe in destiny or fate. That's me "liking" to be "in control" if you will. Having said that, I will contradict myself and believe that certain things or lessons have to be placed before us and are meant to occur. Something that happens in order for us to learn(hopefully) from it. All stemming from karma and faith. Which reminds me of the serenity prayer.

If what I just said makes sense, then I would go with the notion that you should let things happen as they're supposed to and never "initiate" violence. Take no action for justice/karma will be done - and just have faith. Stop trying to change and control the things that you can not(or don't want to) accept, and have the strength(faith) to accept them.

How you follow this, of course, depends on many things; pride, stubbornness, arrogance, many negative traits.