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Someday... may wake up. Perhaps.

First, do you seriously believe that this once-republic, now completely controlled by a globalist-collectivist cabal facilitated by, supported by, and in part made up of BOTH the republican and democrat wing of the major party establishment, will somehow deign to 'allow' you to effect any fundamental change via 'elections', really?

What evidence of any substantive rollback of tyranny, anti-constitutionalism, anti-individual liberty and expanding government, at the national level, is there?

Do you seriously believe that traditional institutions and traditional, constitutional mechanisms, are still in-play and will be 'allowed' to shove back this globalist-collectivist cabal?

Given an honest assessment and an honest answer to the above, then perhaps you may come to grips with what is all but certain to be necessary and the critical importance of getting people to wrap their fuzzy minds around that.

Without that understanding and the rock-solid principles of individualism & liberty, along with the grim resolve that must underpin them, then no real substantive and effective effort can be undertaken.

Such advocacy and efforts as you undertake and recommend merely ensures that the 'death-line' that cannot be crossed that needs to be drawn and the efforts in the IX and X Amendment movement, will never be put in place and subsequently backed by the grim resolve and the no compromise realization that it is for all the marbles.

Why should it, people will still remain trapped in the party-paradigm, fooled into playing and 'battling' in the staged clown-circus that is the electoral and party system.

The soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box.

There is only one box, the cartridge box, that is largely uncorrupted, albeit it is under frantic direct attack by the very globalist-collectivist cabal and its 'system', that you insist on people empowering and supporting.

And so it goes.